Venus Freeze Non surgical treatments

Venus Freeze Non-Surgical Treatments (30 mins)

As you get older ,your body produces less collagen, which leads to visibly aging skin;Venus Freeze is a non invasive , non surgical treatment that  uses Radio Frequency & Pulsed Electro Magnetic fields to comfortably heat the deeper layers of your skin and increase collagen production; This effectively softens fine lines, deep wrinkles,firms up sagging skin and restores a more youthful, fresh appearance,  It can also be used to tone arms, contour and tighten abdomen ( even if you already work out but want extra definition), Reduce cellulite, contour & lift buttocks & thighs for an enhanced shape.

Most clients receive 6-8 treatments with a  consultation being necessary to determine the right plan for you. Package prices available [ 7 treatments for the price of 6]

Free ‘taster ‘ sessions available by appointment

Face : £90 single treatment

Neck, décolleté  :£80 single treatment

Eyes only £70 single treatment

Tummy, thighs, buttocks  :£100 single treatment

Click here to watch a video of the Venus Freeze treatment being applied

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