Venus Versa

Venus Versa™ is an award winning versatile

platform that can treat multiple

concerns from one device.


Here's what you can expect from your treatments:
Treatments powered by either Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or radio frequency technology
Advanced safety features to deliver effective results with minimal discomfort
Therapeutic energy that's safely delivered below the skin's surface
Quick treatment sessions with little to no downtime

Venus Freeze Skin tightening & rejuvenation:       


  • skin laxity
  • Reduces dark under eye circles & sagging lids
  • Treats double chins
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Improvement in skin luminosity



            For the Body:


  • Tummy tightening
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Upper arms
  • Buttock lifting



Price List:

Face : 6 treatments at £100  per treatment ;

1 for FREE

TOTAL:  £600 


Arms:  8 treatments at £90 per treatment

1  for FREE

    TOTAL: £720

Eye Lift:  6 treatments at £85 each

1 for FREE

    TOTAL: £510

Legs/ Tummy: 8 treatments at £100 per treatment

1 for FREE

  Total: £800

Brazilian Bum lift: 8 treatments at £100 each

1  for Free

 TOTAL: £800

 A consultation  is required to assess individual concerns & to assess how many treatments are recommended :


Payment plans available :

3 payment options available:

a] OPTION 1:

Payment in full plus get 1  additional free treatment


b] OPTION 2:

Payment in 2 instalments

Get an additional single  treatment at 50% off

c] OPTION 3:

Pay as you go option: pay for each single treatment in advance as you go

Packages need to be performed weekly for maximum results

At the end of your package a single top up is recommended every 3 months as maintenance  to optimise collagen remodelling.


Nano -fractional skin resurfacing:


  • Treats acne scarring,
  • general scars,
  • stretch marks,
  • enlarged pores,
  • pigmentation & discolouration
  • rosacea & flushing,
  • creates a marked improvement in skin texture
  • A patch test & consultation is required 48 hours prior to treatment
  • Price list
  • Full Face ; includes fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone  £ 299
  • Lip lines ; vertical lip lines, smokers lip lines  £90
  • Acne scarring / jawline ; £150
  • Stretch marks ; £300
  • Individual scars : price  upon request
  •  With  all areas, Usually 2 or 3 sessions are required, 4 weeks apart





 IPL Photo-Facial:

 Using Intense Pulse Light this safe, virtually pain free treatment corrects discolouration , pigmentation, disperses broken capillaries, reduces redness , enlarged pores & promotes a brighter more even skin tone.

Available on Face & Hands:

Single IPL on Face & Neck: £150

Single IPL on Hands:  £150

Face , Neck & Hands combo: £250

Brighten & Tighten combo: Combining both modalities in one session for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation;

30 mins IPL; 30 mins RF  :   £200 [ saving£50]


Results after a single Skin tightening treatment


Click here to see skin tightening in action



Click here to see IPL being performed

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